Launching Programming Lambda


Welcome to Programming Lambda, a blog about programming and computer science. The blog is very much in a work-in-progress state, and will go through changes as the development of this site continues. It should be noted too, that the development will move on in a relaxed pace since it's just a side-project developed only for personal pleasure. Nevertheless, I hope that it still is able to provide you with some interesting and useful ideas. If you are interested in reading more about future plans for this blog, please click Continue reading button below.

The main purpose of Programming Lambda is to serve as blog for writing about all things related to programming and computer science. The intention is to write posts that always offer some useful information to the reader in the spirit of quality over quantity principle. Suffice to say, the blog has served its purpose if the reader finds something new and interesting from it.

New posts are added every now and then, but hopefully more frequently somewhere in the future. One goal for this blog is to maintain a steady influx of interesting blog posts, which keeps on going in a consistent and eased pace. But until then, expect new posts to appear more infrequently.

The blog will present code mainly in C++ Programming Language.

On a final note, the main promise to the reader reading this blog is, that it does not intent to waste its reader's time. Therefore this first post will be concluded here in order to keep it short, since it is the zeroth post of the blog and from the next one, we'll start our discourse regarding the aforementioned programming and computer science.

I wish you a warm welcome into Programming Lambda.

- Matti